Webex multiarch support in Saucy

If you need to use Webex, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle in Saucy as the multi-arch libs were removed from the official repositories. After testing this, am very pleased to state that this works with Webex (which requires 32-bit libraries to run).


The package is actually a zip file, but due to WordPress not allowing zip files, this is shown as an *.odt file. Simply rename it to multiarch.zip and then unzip the file. Fixed two dependencies with libgphoto2 that prevented installation. installing the package led to 109 packages for the i386 architecture being installed in my testing, about 20 MB of downloaded files.

After doing this, Webex works natively and in VM’s. YMMV here, but it works for me.



MD5: 3bce1b4ad77986f326f9785b429e97e1

SHA1: 3d5e6b945d34cb46b31114eef6ab947467dd1971

SHA256: a955c07ccb1f83211818624bc1af05a44dc26c1b186fbdefc50b82c5efc11c98

Let me know if this works for you as well. Do hope this helps.

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6 Responses to Webex multiarch support in Saucy

  1. hetanquary says:

    Thanks for this package! Any insight about how to configure the firefox plugin?

  2. Chuck says:

    Hi, hetanquary,

    Webex works with the native 64-bit JRE or JDK from Oracle/Sun out of the box. You will likely have to add the JRE to your system at a minimum, but it works this way with Java out of the box. One of the reasons that using Webex on Linux works is due to that support. Citrix’ GoToMeeting does not work and was a non-starter due to the fact it won’t work on Linux. If you go here:


    You can add Java, though you will have to approve Webex to run the Java plugin. Do hope that helps!

    • hetanquary says:

      Thanks! I’ve got it working now!

      • xtrailrunner says:

        I’m using two instances of webex in our company and both are not working with JDK7 (64-bit). I get the known unsatisfied link errors for libdbr.so, libatdv.so. Also the install of this multiarch package did not help.

      • Chuck says:

        Hi Xtrailrunner, sorry to hear that. Works for me in Firefox quite well with JDK 1.7.0_60 without issues. Really not sure that this is required anymore, but for Webex, it makes it work for me. It is just designed to assist, kind of old, and we can all hope Webex wake up and update their dependencies on 32-bit entirely. If they would, this would remove most 32-bit needs for me.

  3. Chuck Talk says:

    Glad to hear that. Have a nice day.:)

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