Happiness is 2020

Happiness will be 2020 in my rearview mirror if all goes well. If not, we’re likely to see this country reach its end. The abject idiocy on display on a daily basis has me wondering if there is somethign with climate change that increases the gullibility of the average American.

Perhaps there is some hypnotic signal being delivered at the subliminal level that is inducing a trancelike state where people are being lulled into stupidity. Perhaps because I am partially deaf I can’t hear it, or maybe because I refuse to listen to what I know in my heart to be false, somehow I’m immune.

Of maybe, in all reality, people as a species just aren’t bright at all, or at least a certainly much larger percentage of the population than previously known are simply impossible to reach with logic. Have always known that there are those on the extreme fringe of society that never learn or receive a proper education. If you don’t believe me, you have not been along the frayed edges of our country’s rivers, woodlands, hills and other areas where the lost souls still live in primitive conditions.

There are still parts of this nation where there is no access to running water, electricity, or any modern convenience of any kind. There are many places no census worker will ever visit, lest they be shot dead. It doesn’t take to deep of an investigation to know where they are, but it certainly would be a huge feat to get to those folks. They are blameless IMHO, but those who supposedly had access to all of the modern amenities and education that can’t manage to think for themselves is truly surprising to me.

My only hope is that as a society and free nation we stand up and vote, regardless of the impediments that are thrown into the way, to say with one voice that the animus and vitriol must be gone from society, that all Americans deserve the right to freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is 2020 and I never thought that at this juncture in America we would allow the ugliest side of the American society to run roughshod over the rights of others.

Money cannot buy you happiness in this life. THe corrupt decision to allow corporate money into the voting system has very nearly destroyed this country completely in the few short years that the corporate personhood came into existence. That one criminal change disenfranchised completely the rule of ‘one man, one vote’ – meaning that every voter should count equally under the law.

The obvious fact that for whatever reason has not been put forth is that you can jail a person, but you can’t jail a corporation. If a corporation is truly a person, then when corporate crime is committed, the entire corporation should be jailed.

Rightly, you would point out that the corporation is made of people, not a person, and therefore you can’t jail all the people for the sins of one. To which I retort: if that’s true, then a corporation is not a person, but a figment of imagination corrupting the body politic. The damages done to the public, the unions, the systems of government have all come as a result of the allowance of non-citizen monies into the elections system. Until that ends, we are doomed to be an oligarchy, with dangerous levels of inequality instead of a democratic republic that cares for tis number one resource: the actual people of the country.

My hope today is that we can stand up, think for ourselves and beyond ourselves to do the right thing and make this country whole again. A nation divided is not a nation, but a disjointed group of tribes set against one another. We deserve leaders that don’t set us one against another, and instead unite us all. This election will tell if we deserve to inherit this nation and its ideas, or whether we become the last bastion of what was modern democracy and descend into the fresh hell that some are so eager to sow.

My prayers are that the nation wakes itself from the dream state and realizes the false narrative of two nations is the big con being fed to us by propaganda con artists out for a few bucks. Their only motive is for themselves.

If you think we deserve better, then stand up and vote it out. We can’t have such idiocy destroying our democracy any longer.