Solving the TTY resolution problem in Pop!_OS

One of the main problems I’ve had with using Pop!_OS has been the configuration of the TTY resolution. Since Pop!_OS does not use Grub to start the system, older solutions to alter your TTY resolution simply didn’t work. I could barely see the login screen due to an entirely too small resolution when using the CTRL+F2.. etc shortcut.

Digging around, I knew there had to be a way to do this. Several kind folks suggested that I use the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup which was very nearly correct. I blame myself for the poor choice of words when trying to explain the issue. It’s not their fault I couldn’t ge what I wanted, it was my explanation saying that the fonts were huge. Not the best ways to say that the resolution on the console wasn’t working for me. (facepalm there)

Anyway, because this will recur for me, I want to store the solution for anyone else who might need it (and I know I will in future).

First, you need to identify the resolutions that will work for your environment. For this, you will need the package hwinfo in order to determine what works. If you don’t have it installed, you can do this through the command line:

sudo apt install hwinfo

Another method, if you’re more of a GUI person:

sudo apt install synaptic

Once you have synaptic installed, you can search for hwinfo and simply allow the dependencies to be resolved for you.

Using the hwinfo package, you need to determine the best resolution that will work with your monitor using the command:

sudo hwinfo --framebuffer

This will give you something similar to this:

hwinfo output

Looking at this, I can easily see that the resolution that I wanted 1920x 1080 at 24 bits is available to use.

From there, it is a simple matter to edit the console default in nano to present the proper console:

sudo nano /etc/default/console-setup

This presents you with the proper code here:

Console setup with resolution added

Note: If you do not add the proper bit setting, the display will not change. Lesson learned, add the setting.

I hope this helps someone else out (besides myself) as the default resolution was simply not useful for my textual needs in context.

Have a nice day, don’t worry, be happy!

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