Come to your senses – the lies are useless

Think for yourself.

I saw a recent quote that said “I am always disappointed when an actual liar’s pants don’t catch on fire” – and I wholeheartedly agree. Lies don’t help anyone, sure there are harmless fictions such as holiday traditions. Those don’t cause harm. They aren’t so much a problem as a ‘preservation of innocence” for children to allow them time to grow.

The real lies are those that are spread to cause division, mistrust, hatred and fear. They are the most harmful of all, as they are meant to cause pain to someone else. If someone wants to harm themselves – they are free to do so, but when they lash out at others to stoke the worst of us, they are enabling their own insecurities to come to life for malintent.

I’ve seen enough hatred in my lifetime to know that people who engage in such seek to surround themselves with people who will agree with their dark vision. Those people are the easily misled, the ones who will follow without question the crazed insecurities that drive their ‘leaders’ – often nothing more than sycophants and lesser beings themselves who can’t think their way out of a cul-de-sac.

It’s truly painful to realize that someone who needs assistance will do everything that they can to prevent themselves from receiving same. It’s as bad as watching someone dying of thirst refuse a drink of water because they’d rather die than take any help from a stranger. These same folks will eat a crap sandwich if their conspiracy cult leaders tell them it is the best tasting sandwich in the world and then smile at you with their shit-eating grin as if they were proud of consuming manure.

We owe ourselves the benefit of using our own brains to think critically. If you don’t do that, you are wasting the talents you were given, and instead choosing to go back to the stone age because you would rather be dense. I will miss you on your way down, but it is your choice. You can choose to question the motivation of the speakers or simply swallow crap whole. No one will work to stop you from doing so, you are free to be stupid and always behind, going deeper into that dark hole of idiocy.

While certain people think they are forgotten, they really need to wake up from the stupor and realize that there is a need to change with the times or get left behind. When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in the future that you knew would come, don’t seek a u-turn to the past, the past is gone. It will not return, no matter how stupid you choose to be.

Do yourself a favor and ask “is this really who I want to be? Do I really believe the bullshit being spouted by these people, or do I want to live in peace?”

The answer you choose will be your choice, no one holds a gun to your head telling you what to believe. However, the consequences of your choosing are yours as well. Don’t be surprised if choosing hatred and lies doesn’t work out so well. The world has a way to standing up to that, and every loser eventually pays the piper.

Have a nice day. Don’t worry, be happy.

Till next time: Now, just how is that Un-American, bubba?

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