Guns do not matter, lives matter

I know this will offend those whose identity is wrapped around their guns, but people’s lives matter more than any right to ‘bear arms’. There are common -sense things that can be done to control the level of gun violence, and complaining of the ‘politicization’ of these tragedies is just whining that you cannot justify the need for high-capacity magazine in assault weapons unless you want to justify violence.

There is no need for a high-capacity magazine in hunting. Bambi isn’t going to attack you with weaponry, and if you can’t hit what you’re aiming it with any more than 5 rounds, you should think about another hobby frankly. Your poor aim is not an excuse for high-capacity magazines. you may argue that is is ‘fun’ and ‘I am responsible’ in one breath, but the reality is that the ease of access to weapons only promotes further violence.

If Mothers Against Drunk Driving can make it harder to drive under the influence then we should damn well be able to make it harder for people to keep killing with the AR-15 and high-capacity magazines. Innocent lives being lost should mean enough is enough but some loonies seem to think teachers are now supposed to be police as well as educators. That is a non-starter unless you seek a police state.

There are many practical, workable solutions, but when lawmakers protest that they are ‘willing to sacrifice the lives of children’ rather the give on the issue of gun rights, then we are truly in need of serious reform for such predators to hold any public office ever again. If you value guns more than people, we have no room to speak or debate. I’m through with you. You’ve shown me that you value guns over people; I count you as the problem.

Common sense ideas

Idea number one: License all gun owners. You have to have a driver’s license, you should have a gun license to own and operate a weapon. If you need a hunting or fishing license, you should have a weapon license. If you are too paranoid to get that need, then you might consider seeking help from the medical profession. It is necessary to regulate firearms as stated within the second amendment folks: a well-regulated militia was intended to prevent lunatics from running rampant and killing innocent people.

Idea number two: Safe gun storage. My grand-nephew would be alive today if this were a law on the books. Loaded guns should never be stored openly and ammo and guns should be stored separately. There is never a need to have a loaded gun on hand in a home. If you are that paranoid – maybe you should hire personal security instead. Loaded weapons lead to accidents that cause tragedy. We need safe gun storage to prevent easy access to weapons.

Idea number three: Certification that takes time and has meaning. As of now, the concealed carry laws in Texas are a joke. I’ve seen some really messed up folks get a concealed carry certificate – and openly discuss how easy it is to do so with a nod a wink and a little money to the certifier. That is not acceptable to me, as it means that concealed carry is an inside joke perpetrated on us all. If the nuts can just get a certificate – then that means that there is no value in the permit.

Idea number four: You must obtain liability insurance for these weapons. If you want to own a dangerous weapon, you should obtain liability insurance to cover the possible misuse of same by yourself or family members. We do that for vehicles, why not guns as well? This would allow for victims to sue for damages from the responsible parties that supply these weapons. If you say ‘it’s not my fault’ – well, there are more ideas on that front.

Idea number five: Remove the immunity from Gun manufacturers. If they sell weapons to the public, they should carry liability insurance for their products’ misuse. We do it for other products when they can cause harm or injury – there is no need to shield a manufacturer that sells a product to the public that causes death and destruction from being sued. No reason at all, other than wanting more violence and mayhem.

Idea number six: Red flag laws – making a threat of violence should immediately remove firearms from the access of individuals with a strike for a period of not less than 10 years. You say that’s too harsh? What about those who die from these individuals? Where do their rights come into play?

Idea number seven: Mental evaluation for all persons seeking to purchase firearms. It shouldn’t be that hard to do. Determine if they are a danger to themselves or others. Increase the time from purchase intent to receipt of weapons. Stop the impulse-buy killers and provide time to investigate.

Idea number eight: Background checks. This should be a no-brainer, except a lot of brainless politicians seem to want to prevent this one, lest they be cut off from their money train from the NRA and Russia. 90% of Americans want stronger background checks and it is time to remember that at the ballot box folks.

You may have other ideas, and that is okay. We all have the right to opinions. What we don’t have however, is the right to threaten, harass or kill others because of those opinions. That is going beyond opinion to violence and that is unacceptable. My opinion is mine, and it is my right to express it. If you don’t like it – you are free to express your own. However, I don’t want to talk to you if you have more love of guns than people. You’re not my kind of person a’tall.

Have a nice day all. Don’t worry, be happy. Till next time.

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