There is no compromise

My hopes for my country never included the regression of the achievements we’ve built over the last fifty years to that of a polarized, dimwitted, and non-thinking populace. Never thought I would say that there was a time when the country had the ability to have its self respect and the ability to recognize the right of all to peacefully coexist taken away so quickly by a conman and an easily lead crowd of non-thinking hate-mongers. However, here we are today in 2022 faced with such outcomes. Everyday gun violence is so common that we’ve had nearly one mass shooting a day this year and no one seems to do anything to stop it. It is not America, the land that I love anymore. It is the land of the fearful, hateful and ideologically incoherent morons.

The blame is quite simple for this mess. We all are to blame. We allowed the ideology of hate to remain on air, we allowed a corrupt minority to buy the government and overturn the laws that kept our government in the hands of people and not the wealthy alone. We allowed the false ideology that money is more powerful than the rights of individuals. We allowed the wealthy to buy out the members of the elected offices and to steal the control of the once revered Supreme Court and make a mockery of our laws. We allowed the hate mongers to stir the crazies into violent actions, blaming their poor choices on everyone else in their phony victimhood. We allowed the covert racists to build their networks of domestic terror and we allowed the weapons dealers to sell weapons of war to everyone, giving the weapons more value than human life. Women in my state have fewer rights than weapons, viruses and domestic animals. We’ve allowed the corruption and it needs to end.

When people tell you that your bad circumstances are due to someone else’s choices or lives, you’re being lied to. They want to manipulate you into becoming a weapon of their ideology. Much like Osama Bin Laden, they radicalize you to do their murder, their violence and their hateful acts. If you do that, you are no different than the homicide bombers who feel so entitled as to take other people’s lives because they need someone to blame for their misfortunes in life. I refuse to call them suicide bombers, because they are the worst form of killers, narcissists. They feel that everyone else must die because they feel like the world is to blame for their outcomes. 

We don’t have to look far to find these awful human beings. They are easy to spot. They blame everyone else for their outcomes. Never mind that they choose to eb bitter and spiteful, never mind that they are cruel to others and are reviled for their behavior – no, it must be someone else’s fault. Sorry, but that isn’t the case. We have on the biggest narcissists in the world with the entire world lining up against him now in Russia. He started a war over nothing other than his own choice to do so ‘because he wanted one’.

His troops are being ground to pieces fighting for a war that they don’t even understand. Many of them are poor conscripts but there are many vile thugs amongst them, shooting, torturing and killing civilians. They are war criminals and terrorists. They kill indiscriminately for the sport of it, because they are armed and have no discipline. When they come up against real resistance, they don’t make much progress – they get killed instead.

The same is what we have in our domestic, white supremacist terrorist. They are great at killing innocent people, but cower and cry when faced with real threats. They surrender quickly when they know that they can’t keep killing indiscriminately. I find them revolting thugs, and want them to know that there will be consequences for your actions. Life in prison won’t be so grand – if you live that long. There is nothing redeemable in that act, and you don’t just suddenly turn out that way. You have to have learned it either at home or in the family somewhere.

Racism should have consequences. I can remember back int the 1970’s as a teenager when a man was fired for using the N-word to describe his co-workers and thought he was talking in safe company when he saw me. He said “Can you believe they fired me for calling those n———, n———?” All I could think to myself was “what a loser” – anyone that could not treat folks as human beings and have some civility and decency was getting what they asked for – being treated as a failure to get along and be human. I hoped such actions would allow for some self-introspection and reflection on the error of those acts, but recent times have shown me that they learned nothing. They turned their own actions into their own ‘victimhood’ and blamed everyone else on the outcome they chose to live within. It’s not the fault of others that you failed to wise up and educate yourself to respect others.

In this day and age, there cannot be a return to those years of hateful racism and hostility. It isn’t acceptable now as it wasn’t then. There will be consequences for those who refuse to learn and they must not be allowed to thrive and expand their hate. If they lose employment, friends and cover – it is the outcome of their own choosing. I can’t and won’t compromise on that principal. There is only one human race, and you can either grow up and be a part of it, or you can suffer the consequences of your own actions. But get this straight: the fault lies within you, no one else is to blame.

Till next time. Have a nice day all. Don’t worry, be happy.