On the Psychology of Bullies

If there is anything that I detest in life more than bullies, I am not sure what that would be. Bullies are the self-important narcissists that try to threaten, cajole, harass and otherwise impede all progress in life, social and working conditions. They are useless to everyone, but feel the need to inject themselves everywhere. No one really likes them, unless they too have tendencies to be bullies. They serve no legitimate purpose – there is nothing that a bully ever truly ‘wins’ – it is just that some people will not confront them. They are truly the masters of their own navels and as such, deserve as little attention as possible.

Unfortunately, when we fail to confront a bully, they only go on to impact others lives. There are reasons to avoid them rather than deal with them, but there are bullies that cannot be ignored and must be stopped. One such weak little man is creating a terrible, horrific war in Ukraine at present. He seems to think that everyone is afraid of him, but in reality, all he has succeeded in doing is bringing about the unification of the world in condemning his actions. The sad little man is so desperate for something he will never have – a public that loves him without being forced to do so. Anyone capable of independent thought sees through his charade easily. They know he’s a serial liar and a fool. He’s done so much to crush his public persona himself that he has made himself a topic of much mockery abroad.

Like all bullies, he claims something that does not exists is the cause of his actions. By arming the borders of his neighbor and building up his forces, he thought that fear alone would cause his victim to collapse from fright. Instead, all it has done is make his own cowardice, malice and insane behavior visible to the world. There is no strategic thinker there – there is just another narcissist incapable of rational thought who threatens the world with nukes because ‘he’s not getting his way’.

Like all such man-babies, he denies freedom of speech or independence of thought because he’s deeply fearful that if people speak the truth, he’ll lose his grip on reality. Hate to inform him: he already  has and his own downfall is ensured because he can’t control the genie of truth once it leaves the bottle – and it has left. One thing that makes it clear just how frightened that the little man is : his videos. He cannot hide his body language and anyone viewing him can see the very real fear and fright that he has lost his grip on power is becoming. The sad fact is that he doesn’t understand his own stupidity is what will keep him from ever winning any warfare. Sure, he will commit more crimes to cover the crimes he’s already committed. He will happily send his forces to their deaths if he believes it serves him.

He missed the main point of the argument: none of the Ukrainians are fighting with him – and his forces aren’t liberating anything.  The only thing they are doing is being slaughtered, committing murder, theft and rape. They have no clear mission or outcome, and they could never stand against NATO or even the Ukrainian armed forces fighting for their rights to self determination. No matter how badly his troops perform, he will always claim he’s ‘winning’ – much like the famous ‘winning meme’ – he’s smoked a little bit too much of his own crack here to have a grip on what is real.

There is an out here for him. If he truly wants to de-Nazify Ukraine – he can simply remove all of his Nazi Stormtroopers and go home to Russia where they belong. There never was any threat to Russia, it’s all in his bullshit narcissistic personality disorder of a mind. He isn’t likely to do this, because he is a coward of a man, too afraid to admit his mistakes to realize he’s grinding his people for no good purpose. There will be no flowers for Russian soldiers and there will be no love for Russia ever in Ukraine. He’s burned up all of that past feeling for saving them from Hitler in just a few short weeks.

All he has done, is to waken the Ukrainian people and fill them with a terrible resolve to forever remember that Russia is their enemy and not their friend. The lies of the treaties of the past will not be forgotten, and Putin has shown that nothin he says will ever be honest. Cowards like him will die a thousand deaths from their own actions and inability to accept reality.

Слава Україні