I Stand With Ukraine

Given that fact that the people of Ukraine are under constant attack from Russian invaders, and given the Russians willingness to send their conscripts to their deaths, it is no surprise that the Internet is being trolled to try to sway opinion and facts about the unjust invasion. You can find them targeting areas for division, just as they have done for years under the guise of ‘different opinions’ which aren’t truth, but a propaganda machine in action. They know where the weak spots are, and target largely undereducated populations where they can spew bullshit without anyone calling them on it. The Internet Research Agency is nothing more than smoke and mirrors paid propaganda arm to send as many hateful messages as possible, hoping to delude the public, harm morale, and create division.

What gets me here, is the fact that we do not seem to have any real fact checking going on and calling bullshit other than the public. If you can think outside the box, you know immediately what the game is, and it is all about stoking those ‘echo chambers’ of the mind where your bias is confirmed. The truth is simple to see: a child in Ukraine is no threat to Vladimir Putin, but he’s certainly willing to ‘ethnically cleanse’ another country in his modern day take on the ideologies of Hitler. He has become the fascist dictator, using the same playbook, running the same lies. Much like America in the early days of World War II, there are American Bund here soaking up the lies and spreading false information to stoke division in hopes of creating or mimicking the fascists in Russia.

If Putin wanted to de-nazify Ukraine, all he has to do is to leave. The Nazis would not be there anymore as they’d have gone back home to Russia. His false flag of fear was driven more by the fact that the Ukrainian people are self-determining their own rule without his influence. Like most men of very diminished stature and over-inflated self worth, he believes that the world revolves around him. Here’s a clue – it doesn’t. He’s no genius, he’s a wimp of the first order. The proof was in his ‘war rally’ – which immediately clicked the light on – he and the former fool are cut from the same cloth. Very much full of dung, completely useless individuals who aren’t good for much of anything. In any polite society they would be better served in a sanitarium for those who need constant care and observation. They aren’t smart, they are extremely inept, socially compromised, and easily misled. In short, there is now way that they should ever be given any power or position as they are a danger to themselves and others.

There is a legal term that describes this, non-compos mentis (def): which under law means that they are not of sane mind or rational. Think about the sanity of continuing to send troops to their deaths or bombing hospitals, schools and killing children. It is not the act of sane person. Now imagine you need to ‘hold a rally’ because your ego is writing checks for the lives of others that you really can’t afford to cash. That’s not a master of the mind, that’s more like a person desperate for adoration that isn’t getting it. It’s plain to anyone who can see and think for themselves.

So sad he is, that he has unleashed his troll army to begin their campaign of attacks on the globe.It’s a pretty pathetic line of bullshit, and his enablers are just as pathetic to watch in action. Russia ‘didn’t attack Ukraine’ – it’s the world being mean to little Putin, they said mean things about him, etc. So much garbage.

I’d like to remind everyone of the truth of this statement. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

Anyone who worries about what the trolls have to say is reminded that they are just words and are largely horse manure. Just think about having to spew that manure in front of the world and how really weak you must be to do so. Pathetic.

As for me, I believe that Ukraine will win. There is no way that Ukraine can be held by Russia that doesn’t erode it from within. It’s like eating a Lionfish – you’re most likely to die from the effort and better off not trying. Even if the Russians are able to take something from this war, it will be the end of this adventurism. The time being taken in Ukraine would only be about 1000 times worse if they cross into NATO territory, but frankly, I don’t think they will be able to cross Ukraine as the Ukrainians are stronger and fighting for their country and future.  Tell me which Russian soldiers are actually fighting for their country?

Have a nice day all. Don’t worry, be happy!

Слава україні!