Fix for PHPSysInfo 404 on Ubuntu

One of my favorite tools is phpSysInfo for monitoring my localhost, but every time I install phpSysinfo, I have to remember the stupid trick to make it work. Rather than go back and search this simple fix time and time again, I’ve decided to make a note on  how to simply resolve the issue every time.

When you perform the install: sudo apt-get install phpsysinfo

Ubuntu would make the program available in the past (12.04 Precise it worked fine), but has now broken the link in the default install.

The “fix” is simple, though it requires the knowledge on how to do it every time:

user@host:~$ cd /var/www/html

user@host:/var/www/html$ sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpsysinfo phpsysinfo

Now, simply go to your http://localhost/phpsysinfo URL and it works.

Easily corrected, though why the default install has not done so, not sure. Would seem to be a simple change to the default symlink in the file to make it work.


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